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Angel Le Choreography Co.


To use dance, film & the performing arts as a platform for women's voices, stories & awareness.


Angel Le Choreography Company will perform locally and abroad throughout the year, providing stage and screen productions that speak to soul using real life emotions, real life experiences and thoughts to tell stories . Angel Le Choreography Company will also provide and participate in instruction in dance classes, private lessons, summer intensive programs and workshops within the Atlanta community to adults and youth.


Angel Le Choreography Company will use dance, film and the performing arts to:

  • RESTORE confidence

  • REVIVE dreams

  • RELEASE social & personal tension


Artistic Director & Choreographer

Inspired by the constant changes in the life of Artistic Director & Choreographer, Angelica Leontyne Pugh from a little girl born in Los Angeles, California to an adult, Angelica has had dreams to not only perform onstage as a dancer and an actress but to inspire others to use life experiences as their motivation to perform with passion.  

Angelica Leontye Pugh grew up learning to dance through her cousin, choreographer Nykki Burkes.  "My mother was a single mother of four, she couldn't afford to put me in dance class, so my cousin who was actively involved in dance and would come and teach me." Angelica caught on naturally and quickly and not only took lessons from her cousin but would faithfully record and watch shows like "Fame" and the Fly Girls from "In Living Colour" and mimic all of their dance moves.  Her love for choreography began.

After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Theater, Angelica would not only perform as an actress and a lead or background dancer for Atlanta theatrical, screen and dance productions with companies such as ARCH Productions, Steel City Pictures, Black Voices of Clark Atlanta University, and TrebleMakers Dance Project but choreograph, teach and direct for Cobb County Schools, Fulton County Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Future Foundation, Tinseltown Performing Arts Studio, Oasis Family Life Church and Word of Faith Family Cathedral's Camp 212.

"My goal as an Artistic Director & choreographer is to do way more than teach dance steps and yell '5,6,7,8' but to inspire future performers to use their very own stories to push them to perform, get in shape, express themselves artistically or to just have fun!" In addition to Angelica's role at Angel Le Choreography Company, she is the Dance & Drama Instructor at South Atlanta High School, a writer, an actress and the proud mother of two sons.


Classes We Offer

Join Our Dance Community


Youth Dance

Classes for youth are currently taught at South Atlanta High School for all enrolled students in ballet, jazz, modern and hip hop. Classes will be offered this summer for youth throughout the city of Atlanta at our "&5,6,7,8 Pop Up Dance Studio"!